Why SHOULD you outsource Survey Programming to India???

Deal worth every penny!!!

In the recent decade survey programming outsourcing has increased many fold to Asia Pacific region with countries like India being the hottest hub for the same. Many internal & external factors can be contributed to this surge of companies setting up offices in India as well as outsourcing their survey programming needs to local Indian companies. We take stock of top 5 reasons why India is the right choice in terms of outsourcing your survey programming needs.


India has a strong value proposition in terms of a very large, English speaking, technically qualified manpower, high productivity gains and scalability. It has helped the country emerge as a key IT services outsourcing destination. Our education system with high importance imparted to mathematics and computer knowledge has provided intrinsic strengths and advantages giving India a competitive edge vis-à-vis other Asian countries (India produces over 75,000 IT graduates and 2000K English-speaking graduates annually.). As per the NASSCOM data the total number of IT and ITES professionals employed in India has grown from 284,000 in 1999-2000 to over 1 million in 2004-05, growing by over 200,000 in the last year alone.


Many large online panel service providers have been operating in India for a decade now creating a very large pool of skilled survey programmers. A large number of these senior programmers have also branched out on their own and have setup companies servicing the clients’ survey programming needs. India has no dearth of efficient survey programmers and interestingly many of them have been recruited by companies operating in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and even in European region. The value addition comes from – LESSER TRAINING REQUIRED and immediate productivity gains on starting operations. Typically if you outsource or setup offices anywhere there will be certain gestation period before the actual productivity starts but as stated earlier in India the TURNAROUND TIME is relatively the shortest.


India is the best destination when it comes to quality work at competitive prices. In American and European markets due to the recession the competition is becoming all the more difficult with clients trying to cut costs as much as possible. Herein survey programming outsourcing to India comes as a boon which will give you an edge and help formulate a tempting market research proposal to your respective clients. The 24 by 7 culture has almost quadrupled the productivity for many American research companies. Typically a fresher survey programmer starts from a monthly salary of somewhere around INR 7000 (~USD 135) where as an experienced one (~10+ years) will be approximately INR 60 K (USD 1154). Comparing the costs with American and European counterparts the above mentioned monthly salaries are very competitive. The deadly duo of high quality + low cost is enabling outsourcing rush to India.


To sustain high economic growth provided by IT industry there has been a substantial investment in terms of technology infrastructure in the recent past. India’s robust infrastructure is supported by latest software and hardware technologies which are major contributing factor to the tremendous growth of survey programming outsourcing. The strong infrastructure has provided a seamless flow of knowledge and information globally – best example will be a researcher located in Texas being ably supported by a survey programming team working from India.


Outsourcing is so imbibed in the fabric of our country that the Indian government has a national minister specifically assigned for IT. The government favors IT foreign ownership and imposes no export taxes. Various government and public industry forums are working round the clock to help bring outsourcing work to India. Solid government support has been the backbone for the Indian outsourcing industry.

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