BOSS is not always WRONG!!!!

Better understanding of a sensitive association.

You might find the title very amusing and repulsive as understandably one person who makes Monday the grimiest day of the week is your BOSS. Many jokes, anecdotes and fables are concocted around this sensitive relationship between you and your Boss. On an average a person spends more time with his Boss than his family members in a week and the palpable tension which is always brewing gives relentless nightmares to all sundry. The article sheds a different perspective to this wonderful association which makes or mars our career prospects.

Top 5 reasons why your BOSS is not an incarnation of the DEVIL:

Reason 1: A BOSS is not supposed to help build your career.

Your teacher has tried to help you for your entire educational life + your parent have tried to guide you achieve success from the day you are born – if they have not been able to help you out I am sure the poor boss haven’t got much chance of doing the same. It is wrongly construed by many people who presume that a Boss’ primary responsibility is to offer you growth opportunity – IT IS ENTIRELY FALSE. The onus of your career growth relies COMPLETELY on your hard work, efficiency & perseverance. Take a small example – the next time you think your boss hasn’t helped enhancing your career just look back and see how many of your juniors you have helped grow. A business organization’s sole purpose is to make money and your Boss is not your CAREER COUNSELOR. Many unwanted misunderstandings will evaporate the day an employee starts concentrating on his/her career and not blatantly expect their Boss to do some miracles.

Reason 2: Don’t shoot the messenger.

Many times your Boss is just an escape goat by the top management for conveying the bad news. Always remember that he too is an employee just like you. I have been a Boss many a times and it pains me every time I have to fire someone or give incentives lesser than what the employees are expecting. Funny thing your Boss might not even be able to convey his angst. Empathy will work wonders in your relationship with your Boss as he too is in the same ship as you. It is advisable to have a more holistic picture of the situations rather blindly blaming your Boss for the same. It is very much possible that he has no say in the decision he is conveying to you.

Reason 3: A Boss is not supposed to motivate you.

It might seem strange but it is true – your Boss will probably at the maximum empathize but cannot motivate you. The reason is that there needs to be some amount of EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT a person should make before he/she will be prompted to motivate you – for e.g. your parent will always motivate you no matter how you perform as there is a considerable amount of emotional attachment they have with you – the same can be said for your spouse, kids, close friends etc. but certainly not your Boss. Nevertheless in this cut throat world if you are not intrinsically motivated you might not achieve much. The world in general is always going to DE-motivate you as they don’t want you to SUCCEED. My personal thumb rule – if they say you can’t do it, it is they who can’t.

Reason 4: A Boss HATES reviews as much as you DREAD it.

Performance reviews are just as painful for your boss as they are for you. It is a wrong notion that it is the sole responsibility of your Boss to keep track of your achievements, the opposites you can help make reviews easier. Keep track of your successes as they happen and you should also try to connect with your boss regularly throughout the year — not just on the review day. It will help ease the pressure on your Boss as well as give him proper arsenals (+ve points) for your case to the top most management. Always remember – WE ALL SINK OR SWIM TOGETHER.

Reason 5: Your Boss is a Human too.

At the end your Boss is as human and as susceptible to failure as you are yourself. A Boss can help make positive changes in your career plans but ultimately it is your plan complemented only by your efforts. Think of your Boss as a coach who probably can give you tips but finally it all comes down to you who can make that leap towards your dreams.

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2 Responses to BOSS is not always WRONG!!!!

  1. monika says:

    don’t agree with 3rd. A leader should always motivate the people around them.

    • akshay kanyal says:

      @ Monika – 3rd point primarily illustrates that motivation is very intrinsic in nature. Although a leader’s role requires to motivate people around him but it is more important for the employees to motivate themselves and not rely on others to be motivated.

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