What Everybody Ought to Know About INCENTIVE OPTIONS?

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Let them choose their gifts!!!!

Panel performance depends a lot on the incentives being provided for survey participation. A very critical aspect of gifting is the range from which respondents can choose from. Even in a particular demographic group the choice may vary for e.g. some maybe excited to receive a movie ticket whereas some may prefer a meal voucher. Amongst different profile groups the choice varies drastically from teens preferring shopping coupons to a corporate executive interested in business magazine subscriptions. It is therefore advisable to have an exciting range of gift options to select. The article states few good incentive options which can be utilized by panel companies.

Option 1: CASH CARDS (e.g. http://www.itzcash.com)

It is one of the most popular gifting options I have come across (in India). Multiple redemption points are available to the respondents. It also helps build certain loyalty to the panel company. As the survey participators are very internet savvy they love the option to purchase online.

Option 2: SHOPPING VOUCHERS (e.g. http://www.shoppersstop.com)

Shopping coupons are quite popular amongst teens, women and kids. Most of the big retail malls as well as fashion brands issue such coupons for their corporate clients. Many of them can be redeemed online also which makes them quite popular in the general population audience. Shopping coupons are easily traceable in terms of point of purchase.

Option 3: ONLINE GIFT CERTIFICATES (e.g. http://www.amazon.com)

Amazon leads the pack here with maximum range of options available. The Amazon can be integrated with your internal gifting site this will create a seamless transaction for your respondents. As they are redeemable online it provides ease of use which your internet savvy panel members will relish.

Option 4: MOVIE TICKETS (e.g. http://www.pvrcinemas.com)

Who doesn’t relish a good movie? In the gifting world it is by far the most popular gifting options especially for young audience. Most of the surveys I have run with movie tickets as a gift option have been a roaring success. Alternatively you can also gift movie DVD (www.moserbaerhomevideo.com), the DVD option in fact is quite cheap if you make a bulk purchase.

Option 5: MEAL VOUCHERS (e.g. http://www.edenred.co.in, http://www.sodexo.com)

Like movies, food vouchers are quite a hit with panel members. Most of the corporate do provide such coupons as a part of remuneration and therefore respondents are quite used to them. In major metropolis most of the restaurants and food bazaars accept these coupons.

Option 6: TRAVEL COUPONS (e.g. http://www.upto75.com)

This option can be utilized for gifting to frequent flyers. Although not as popular as option 4 and option 5 primarily because most of them giving only some % of discount on the ticket purchased. One effective way is to put free tickets as sweepstakes for big studies.

Option 7: MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION (e.g. http://www.entrepreneur.com)

Quite popular with B2B audience who are more interested in business subscriptions than some of the above mentioned options.

Option 8: Not For Profit Organization (e.g. http://www.cry.org, http://www.aastha.org)

There is a small section of survey participators who are interested in donating money to NGO’s of their choice. It is an effective way to do community service and quite popular amongst higher age group respondents.

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