Why YOU would NEVER EVER become a CEO???

5 reasons that you won’t make it!!

I am yet to find a single soul who doesn’t wants to succeed in life – but strangely why is it that successful people are in a minority where as the general populace languish in obscurity. Innumerable SELF-HELP books are written claiming to provide you the KEY to success but still the problem remains – “some people are born to relish the fruits of their labor where as others toil hard to make ends meet”. This article looks at the probable reasons that why you will surely fail to succeed.

Reason 1: You can’t DRESS TO KILL.

Have you ever thought why it is called DRESSED TO KILL and not DRESSED TO IMPRESS or DRESSED TO LOOK GOOD etc? Well the reason is very simple – it is a tough world out there and you have to make a killing to succeed. Getting well groomed gives the first signal to your competitors that you are in for the kill. When we say that we are impressed it actually means that we are taking you seriously!!!

Although there are a very few exemptions to this rule like Bill Gates but then not everyone of us has the BRAINS to make a MICROSOFT!!! So for the lesser mortals – like us it is COMPULSORY to enhance our visual appeal which probably is noticed first. But then most of us don’t have the drive for it and there in creeps the lethargies.

I still remember one of my college mates who was very callous in his studies but SHOCKINGLY when we joined the same office I saw a sea change in his attitude – EVERYDAY he was there in the office in a crisp smart dress. Eventually this guy succeeded more than what his college report card would have given indications.

There are lots of subconscious cues which we give when we are shabbily dressed – clients think that his work too must be as shabby as his appearance. But then NO USE telling you guys – even after reading this article and making it the first point you will still go back your old ways – trust me if you were my colleague I would be more than happy as then I would have to do very little to go ahead of you!!!.

Reason 2: You are a PRETENDER TO THE THRONE.

IF YOU CAN’T FAKE IT YOU CAN’T MAKE IT – many of us are in the line for a promotion and more often than not the feeling is all pasted on our face for others to see. Now let us analyze why it is DANGEROUS – firstly it makes your colleagues start ALERT ALARM! and they START preparing to halt you from succeeding – secondly the species called BOSS is a very INSECURE animal, the moment he starts seeing you as a THREAT you can safely assume your chances of succeeding are very dim.

During my early professional days where probably there is more competition due to the crowd I always ensured that I mislead my colleagues and boss to BELIEVE that promotion/responsibility is a HUGE BURDEN and probably that is the last thing in my mind. Shockingly this strategy worked – I was left alone to concentrate more on my work and performance where as the PRETENDERS were bogged down by unnecessary politics and hassles.

Reason 3: You are DIPLOMATIC BY HEART.

Be Nice to others – it was something I was REPEATEDLY told during my growing up days. But that’s not how the corporate world works – you have to be BLUNT and RUTHLESS to make a point. Although it is good to be sweet and all but then you are a HUNTER and out there to succeed. Have you EVER EVER EVER seen a DIPLOMATIC LION – NEVER NEVER NEVER. It’s a DOG EATS DOG world and therefore logically diplomacy goes out of the window. I have seen FRANK people achieving more success than the contrary – probably this stems from the fact that in an office you are there NOT TO MAKE FRIENDS. Your ULTIMATE GOAL should be to get your WORK DONE – probably you might end up rubbing few people the wrong way but then your senior management will be more interested in your performance than your social circle in office.


Probably in all the management schools and related books it is told that you have to be FLEXIBLE in nature – IT’s ALL FAIRY TALE. If you want to become the captain of your local football club will you be FLEXIBLE enough to become a CHEERLEADER instead – ASK YOURSELF!!!!!.

People who wants to succeed in life NEVER EVER COMPROMISE with their dreams and goals and leaves no stone unturned for the same. There was this programmer in my company who was DAMN GOOD! – but the problem was that he was too sweet natured and would be FLEXIBLE enough to help other team members as well as TAKE ON extra responsibilities. When the time came for promotion he was left sorely out – REASON was that in helping others the quality of his own work suffered.


It is your OWN STORY and it needs your 100% DEDICATION.

Reason 5: You are JUST A DREAMER.

There are 2 types of people in this world – one who DREAM and other who ACHIEVE those dreams. To succeed you have to do action and merely dreaming about it would not lead you anywhere.

Few of the successful people I have met have the same story to tell – they work so HARD that they don’t even have the time to dream in their sleep also.

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