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How many times have you felt staring at a WALL for days at end? When was the last time you laughed at a very high decibel? Why is even your favorite restaurant dishing out bland gourmet? What is it that’s STOPPING you to get that well deserved promotion? I call it a TBS (tired brain syndrome) and it happens with all of us at sometime of our lives. The duration & frequency of its STAY may vary from person to person depending upon their will power and problem solving skills but for sure you will be STRUCK with this queer problem in your professional career. The article illustrates how professionals deal with this problem and come out with flying colors.

TBS or Tired Brain Syndrome happens when the input exceeds the output of our brain. In a layman terms when your raw material i.e. DATA is more than what the processed knowledge is coming out in the shape of INFORMATION. It results in too much of useless data lying in your brain and causing the STAGNATION EFFECT!!! How this happens? – Due to excessive work load which professionals are undertaking in their office life.

Here are 5 QUICK methods which can help you CLEAR your mind:

Solution 1: Don’t TAKE A SUDDEN BREAK!!

One of the most often used remedy for TBS is a VACATION! – I have been totally against this idea!!! Although there isn’t anything wrong in taking a break but every time you take a sudden break from hectic work schedule your brain becomes mapped to seeking relaxation even at the slightest hint of work pressure.

Every time your vacation nears its end your brain starts panicking often known as MONDAY BLUES in official slang. It is better to map your holidays irrespective of the work schedules for e.g. I always take a long Christmas Break whether at that time I am overloaded with work or not. It helps my brain to understand and respect the functionality called PLANNING.

Professionals in HIGH PRESSURE jobs CANNOT escape work exhaustion but a knee jerk reaction for relaxing your brain is not advisable. Many methods are available for the same – for e.g. I always commute 1-1.5 hours back home due to heavy traffic and utilize this time to hear soft music on my car stereo. It is helpful in 2 ways – one by the time I reach back home I am quite relaxed and secondly I don’t end up KILLING somebody due to ROAD RAGE!!!

You will have to TRAIN your BRAIN to accept the tough professional life you are living and feel PROUD of it. Always remember – WHINING & WINNING don’t get along well.


Every day 2-3 times I have this 5 minute marathon session of brainstorming – No particular topic or thought – just plain simple ideation. I let the thoughts come inside my brain seamlessly without any hesitation – irrespective of the fact whether they are good or bad. After the 5 minute is over I try to analyze what exactly is that I thought about – surprisingly most of the times it is not about my office work. I then try to build up a CONSTRUCTIVE CONCLUSION of what all I thought about – many a times it has helped me to relax and value what all I have and how far still the goals are. Sometimes these marathon sessions have SPARKED a creative idea which has helped me in my professional career.

Start your own daily 5 minute marathon and see what comes out of it!!


This is the best trick in my professional arsenal. Every time my creativity dries up and I am struck with TBS I do something all together different and it HELPS!!!

I once abruptly started watching cookery shows and tried to EXPERIMENT by cooking an Italian dish – as guessed it was a HUGE DISASTER which let me to put on my THINKING CAP as to why the dish didn’t turned up as desired. Looking closely I realized I was doing the same mistake which I was doing in my professional life i.e. going too much by the gut feeling!! – To cook a beautiful dish all the ingredients should be put in the pan in exactly the SAME proportions!!! I.e. there needs to be certain methodology of doing things.

As seen by the above example many a times we take inspiration from different activities and therefore it is highly advisable to try something different.


I have found it to be therapeutic in nature – guiding someone in solving their problems. It is like a journey of living your own problems through someone else life – many a times it helps realize what exactly the solution is for your own problems. Plus there is an immense satisfaction of helping out someone in need. So any time the TBS starts bothering you – go out and help someone in need of guidance near you. It really works MAGIC!!!


99% of the time I am going to FAIL but the SWEETNESS of that 1% FAR exceeds the pain of failure!!!

Many of us are so afraid of starting it all over again that we end up failing miserably at the onset of the task. The beauty of your work is the journey you undertake to accomplish it – the destination is just a FULL STOP. Many a times we are struck in the labyrinth of complications – I strongly recommend starting it all over!!

Enjoy what you do and be proud of it!!!

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