Which TRIBE does your Panel Respondents belong to?

The Good, the BAD & the UGLY!!

It is often quoted that “IF YOU BUILD THEY WILL COME” but the BIG question is “WHO EXACTLY ARE COMING?” How often does a panel company under takes the exercise of knowing what types of respondents they have actually recruited? When I say what TYPE it means their characteristics in light of the MOTIVE for which they have enrolled themselves in a panel base. Although the underlying current is MONETARY compensation but still if we probe deeply we will find various reasons for participating in an online survey. The article illustrates 5 different TRIBES of respondents and how KNOWING these groups will help a panel company be more productive.


This TRIBE belongs to people who feel STRONGLY about certain subjects and are quite open about expressing themselves. They can be readily identified by a very high response rate for survey participation requests.

An OPIONATOR forms the backbone of any good panel by being active in providing their thoughts on particular subjects. But the OPIONATORS have an inherent tendency to go overboard with their expressions therefore panel companies should be careful.

This tribe should be utilized JUDICIOUSLY- as most of the project managers due to higher response rates from this group BURN the tribe by sending innumerable survey requests.

Tribe 2: THE BIG MOUTH!!

This tribe belongs to the respondents who are a distorted & scary version of the OPIONATORS. They can be readily identified by SPEEDING through surveys + providing irreverent entries for open end questions + heavily participating in surveys of all types irrespective of their demographical or psycho graphical characteristics. In a nutshell these respondents provide the BAD DATA for your surveys. Most of the good panel companies have an efficient panel management system to purge out such respondents.


As the name suggests this tribe belongs to the INTROVERT TYPE. This group comprises of respondents who are relevant to the panel and provide insightful opinions about research topics but are very reluctant to participate. Such respondents although provide correct information but the response rates are very low. Panel companies should identify such respondents and see to it that what motivates them – it maybe the incentive or the types of study they are interested in. But by all means try to convert them to be an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in surveys.


This is a TRIBE of respondents out there to scam you into believing what they are not. This tribe can actually KILL A PANEL COMPANY and therefore has to be handled with utmost caution. MONEY/INCENTIVE is the only motivational factor for them. Historical mapping of responses can identify such respondents and have to be unsubscribed with immediate effects.

Tribe 5: THE DO GOODER!!

This is an IDEAL group of respondents who primarily participate for the sake of HIGHER MOTIVE of providing opinion to make a DIFFERENCE. They are normally characterized by choosing to donate their incentives to some NGO. A panel company should treat them with UTMOST respect as they can be a good brand ambassador for you through WORD of MOUTH appreciations.


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