Journey of Knowledge starts from ME!!

How many times have you felt staring at a WALL for days at end? When was the last time you laughed at a very high decibel? Why is even your favorite restaurant dishing out bland gourmet? What is it that’s STOPPING you to get that well deserved promotion? I call it a TBS (tired brain syndrome) and it happens with all of us at sometime of our lives. The duration & frequency of its STAY may vary from person to person depending upon their will power and problem solving skills but for sure you will be STRUCK with this queer problem in your professional career. The article illustrates how professionals deal with this problem and come out with flying colors. Read more of this post


Build a PANEL COMPANY you can be PROUD OF!!!


What is the secret of building a successful panel company? Is it the right employees or the right kind of panels you have or is it a good marketing plan or just simple plain LUCK!! I guess it is a combination of many factors when performed effectively results in a panel company you can be really proud of!! The article illustrates few of the critical aspects of running a profitable access panel business. Read more of this post

Who Else Wants HASSLE FREE project execution?

Make your life easier & stop missing deadlines.

In survey research as well as with many internet based industry verticals the biggest nightmare any project manager faces is a poor quality productivity output. Once the project is in shambles the only thing you end up working for is the commitment but it leaves a bad taste for your client. When you are FIRE FIGHTING the question of putting VALUE ADDITION to your project goes out of the window. The article looks at 5 effective ways to manage & execute a successful project. Read more of this post

Why YOU would NEVER EVER become a CEO???

5 reasons that you won’t make it!!

I am yet to find a single soul who doesn’t wants to succeed in life – but strangely why is it that successful people are in a minority where as the general populace languish in obscurity. Innumerable SELF-HELP books are written claiming to provide you the KEY to success but still the problem remains – “some people are born to relish the fruits of their labor where as others toil hard to make ends meet”. This article looks at the probable reasons that why you will surely fail to succeed. Read more of this post

Now You Can Have a HAPPY CLIENT and make even MORE MONEY!!!

Know them to woe them!

The lifeline of any business is CLIENT SATISFACTION. Innumerable articles have been written to understand the psyche of this mysterious breed. This article takes stock of TOP 5 QUICK ways to bring smile on your client’s face and get the cash register ringing! These aren’t sure shot magic darts but in generality will help you make a CONNECT. Always remember knowing is knowledge and therefore it is a MUST to understand your client’s expectations. Read more of this post

BOSS is not always WRONG!!!!

Better understanding of a sensitive association.

You might find the title very amusing and repulsive as understandably one person who makes Monday the grimiest day of the week is your BOSS. Many jokes, anecdotes and fables are concocted around this sensitive relationship between you and your Boss. On an average a person spends more time with his Boss than his family members in a week and the palpable tension which is always brewing gives relentless nightmares to all sundry. The article sheds a different perspective to this wonderful association which makes or mars our career prospects. Read more of this post

Why SHOULD you outsource Survey Programming to India???

Deal worth every penny!!!

In the recent decade survey programming outsourcing has increased many fold to Asia Pacific region with countries like India being the hottest hub for the same. Many internal & external factors can be contributed to this surge of companies setting up offices in India as well as outsourcing their survey programming needs to local Indian companies. We take stock of top 5 reasons why India is the right choice in terms of outsourcing your survey programming needs. Read more of this post

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