It’s Raining Online Panel Companies everywhere!!!

Cut through the NOISE!!!

In the past few years online panel companies have mushroomed across Asia Pacific region. The situation is even worse in countries like India where we have such companies sprouting up dime a dozen. What are the challenges for established companies? How can an upcoming genuine player cut through the cacophony? What are the ways that research buyers can utilize to select best possible vendors? How should the upcoming online panel companies devise their marketing strategies? Read more of this post


Top 10 Questions Panel Buyers MUST ask!!

Know Thy Vendors!!!

Panel quality is directly proportional to the panel vendor you are using. With most of the traditionaol market researchers still new to survey research it becomes all the more important to ask the right kind of questions to the panel providers. This article illustrates few cue points as to what you should inquire about the vendor providing you the respondents. Read more of this post

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